Payment Received Trigger FAQ

Will this trigger include subsequent subscription payments as well?

Yes, the trigger will fire whenever a payment is received from the end customer directly on an order form submission and when the subscription is charged in the background.

How can I achieve the trigger for successful subsequent subscription transactions?

Since the subscriptions can be created in a funnel or website, we can create a trigger for Payment Received and apply the following filters for achieving the use case. The source type is Funnel/Website. The transaction type is "Customer not present/subscription transaction."

The payment status filter can filter successful or failed payments per the use case.

What does the Customer present/first transaction mean and the Customer not present/subscription transaction?

We are categorizing the transaction type into two categories

  • Customer present /first transaction - This includes the transactions where the end customer is on-session and making the Payment. This consists of all one-time purchases and the first order placement for a subscription product.

  • Customer not present / subscription transaction - This includes the transaction types which run in the background after a subscription has already been created. For example, if a customer purchases a recurring product with a 14-day trial period. The transaction is done while purchasing the recurring product ($0 transaction in this case) would fall into the Customer present/first transaction. After 14 days, when the trial period is over, and you charge $100 for the recurring product, the $100 transaction would fall into the Customer not present/subscription transaction category.

Will failed payments also be captured in this trigger?

Yes, by default, without any filters, the trigger runs upon successful and failed payment attempts. For specific use cases around success/failed payments only, we can apply the "Transaction status" filter and set it to either success/failed as per the use case.

I have configured the trigger and selected a specific product in the filters. Does this mean that the trigger will fire off when that product is sold anywhere?

If you have configured the trigger and set the filter for a specific product, it will fire off only when that product is sold in funnels/website/invoices. Using the transaction status filter, we can define whether the trigger should work when the purchase is successful or the purchase is a failure.

What is the sub-source filter?

When you select a source like funnels/websites/invoices, they can have sub-sources, like a payment from the funnel can be coming either via a one-step order form, a two-step order form, or an upsell. You can use these sub-source filters to define the Payment's origin.

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