The Workflow Builder in Gymini is a powerful tool that allows you to create automated workflows to enhance your business processes. This guide will provide you with an overview of the Workflow Builder and its functionalities.

Overview of Tabs in the Workflow Builder

Settings Tab

  • Sending Window: Define a window during which outgoing messages can be sent to avoid sending messages at inappropriate times.

  • Allow Multiple: Enable or disable the option for a single contact to go through the workflow multiple times.

  • Stop on Response: Stop the workflow if a contact replies to any message or books an appointment.

  • Auto Mark as Read: Control whether outbound messages from a workflow appear in the recent tab of conversations.

  • Event Start Date: Set a future date for events like webinars and create reminders leading up to that date.

Status Tab

  • Overview: View the status of all contacts in the workflow and their progress.

  • Execution Log: Access detailed logs of a contact’s journey in the workflow, including any errors encountered.

History Tab

  • Event History: View a chronological history of all events triggered in the workflow across different contacts.

  • Detailed View: Click on the clipboard icon to get detailed information about specific events.

Building a Workflow

Step 1: Add Workflow Triggers

  • Multiple Triggers: You can set up multiple triggers to initiate the workflow, such as booking an appointment on different calendars.

Step 2: Add Events

  • Event Chain: Create a series of events, including sending confirmation emails and setting up wait steps for reminders.

  • Statistics: View statistics such as delivery rates, open rates, and click rates for emails.

Step 3: Add Conditional Splits

  • If and Else: Use the "if and else" function to add conditional splits in your workflow, directing the flow based on specific conditions (detailed guidance on this will be covered in future videos).


The Workflow Builder in Gymini offers a robust platform to create automated workflows, helping you streamline processes and enhance customer engagement. With functionalities like setting sending windows, adding conditional splits, and viewing detailed logs, you can build efficient workflows tailored to your business needs.

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