Outlook Sync FAQ

Will Outlook integration work in unassigned calendars?

No, it only works for team calendars.

Can I connect two different Outlook accounts in one location to one user?

No, you can connect only one Outlook account to one user in a location.

The system is not allowing me to connect an Outlook account to a user already connected by a different user (Even if it is the same person just using another email address in the other CRM user account). If that is functionality, can you guys give me a workaround?

Yes, one Outlook account can be connected to one single user in any number of locations, but the same Outlook account can't be connected to a different user. However, we are showing a detailed message for it.


Connect a new Outlook account to User B and share that particular Outlook calendar from User A's already connected Outlook account to the new Outlook account of USER B. Click here for more details.

I'm an admin. Can I connect Outlook integration to agents from Team Management?

No, as of now, you have to log in to the system with your Agents account and connect to Outlook, and then you can configure Primary and Calendar Configuration from Team Management.

Can I use both google calendar and outlook calendar at the same time?

Yes, you can use both Google and Outlook at the same time. You can configure the primary calendar to Outlook and Check for Conflicts from Google, Outlook, and vice-versa.

Can I simultaneously write appointments to both Google and Outlook for one user in a location?

No, you can write appointments to only one calendar at a time.

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