Embedding Your Calendar


Embedding your calendar into landing pages in Gymini allows you to streamline the booking process, offering a seamless experience for your leads. This guide will walk you through the steps to embed your calendar into your landing pages successfully.

Accessing Calendar Embed Codes

  1. Navigate to Settings: Start by going to the "Settings" section in your Gymini account.

  2. Go to Calendars: Find and click on the "Calendars" option.

  3. Access Calendar Codes: Click on "Calendar Code" to view the dropdown menu where you can find the embed codes for your calendars.

Choosing the Right Calendar Code

You have two main options when it comes to selecting a calendar code to embed:

  1. Individual Assigned Calendars: These are calendars assigned to specific individuals. Selecting this option allows you to embed a calendar pertaining to a specific individual.

  2. Team Calendars: If you have created team calendars that encompass multiple services, you can choose to embed the entire team calendar or narrow it down to specific services within that team calendar.

Configuring the Embed Code

  1. Disabling the Back Button: You have the option to disable the back button in the calendar view, preventing leads from navigating back to the service selection screen.

  2. Copying the Embed Code: Once you have configured your preferences, copy the embed code provided.

Embedding the Calendar into Your Landing Page

  1. Navigate to Your Landing Page Editor: Go to the editor of your landing page, whether it's in Gymini, WordPress, ClickFunnels, or another platform.

  2. Adding the Calendar Element:

    • In Gymini: If you are using Gymini's landing page editor, click "Add Element" and select the calendar element. You can choose to use the team page option or go straight to the calendar view.

    • In Other Platforms: If you are using another platform, find the option to add custom embed code to your page.

  3. Pasting the Embed Code: Paste the copied embed code into the designated area in your landing page editor.

  4. Saving and Previewing: Save your changes and preview the landing page to see the embedded calendar in action.


You have successfully embedded your calendar into a landing page in Gymini, offering a streamlined booking process for your leads. This feature enhances the user experience, allowing leads to easily book appointments without leaving your landing page.

Remember to test the functionality thoroughly to ensure it meets your requirements and provides a smooth experience for your leads.

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