Email Interaction-Based Triggers


In Gymini, you can set up triggers based on how recipients interact with your emails. This allows you to automate follow-up actions based on whether a recipient opens an email or clicks on a link within it. This documentation will guide you through setting up these triggers.


  • Setting up triggers based on email interactions.

  • Using the "wait" step to delay actions.

  • Creating separate workflows for specific email events.

1. Setting Up Email Interaction Triggers

To set up triggers based on email interactions:

  1. Navigate to the email you've set up and wish to track.

  2. Add a Wait Step from the list of available steps.

  3. Scroll down to CRM Events and select Wait for Email Events.

  4. Choose the email step you want to monitor (e.g., the current email you're working on).

  5. Select the email event you want to track, such as "Clicked".

  6. Optionally, set a timeout duration. For instance, if you want to wait for two days to see if the recipient clicks a link in the email, set the timeout to two days.

2. Using the If-Else Function

After setting up the wait step:

  1. Add an If-Else function to your workflow.

  2. For the condition, choose Events and then Email Events.

  3. Set the condition to "Clicked" to determine the next steps based on whether the recipient clicked a link in the email.

  4. Define the actions for both outcomes: if the link was clicked and if it wasn't.

3. Creating a Separate Workflow for Email Events

If you prefer not to use the wait step and want to track email interactions in real-time:

  1. Create a new workflow.

  2. Set the workflow trigger to Email Events.

  3. Add a filter for the event type, such as "Clicked".

  4. Link this workflow to the original email workflow by selecting it from the list. This way, the new workflow will only trigger for recipients who interact with the email from the original workflow.

  5. Define the actions you want to take when the trigger event occurs, such as adding the recipient to a new email sequence.


Gymini offers two primary methods to track and act upon email interactions: using a wait step within the original workflow or creating a separate workflow dedicated to the email event. Both methods are effective and can be chosen based on your specific needs and preferences. Implementing these triggers allows for more personalized and timely interactions with your gym members, enhancing their experience with your brand.

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