Setting Up the Order Submitted Workflow Trigger Step


In Gymini, the Order Submitted Workflow Trigger Step is a crucial tool that facilitates the automation of workflows based on the actions taken by customers in the sales funnel. This guide will walk you through the functionalities and the setup process of this advanced feature, ensuring you can leverage it to enhance your sales processes.


The Order Submitted Workflow Trigger Step is an enhanced version of the Order Form Submission Workflow Trigger Step, offering more capabilities and functionalities. It is essential to note that this feature is only available in version 2 of the funnel. The trigger step can fire off multiple times within a single workflow, allowing for differentiated pathways based on the products purchased and any upsells availed.

Setting Up and Testing the Workflow Trigger Step

To set up and test this workflow trigger step, follow these steps:

  1. Ensure You are Using Funnel Version 2: The trigger step only works with funnels in version 2. If you are using version 1, you will find an option to upgrade to version 2.

  1. Setup Upsell in the Funnel: After a product purchase, add an upsell in the next step of the funnel to demonstrate the trigger step's functionality.

  2. Allow Multiple Fires: In the workflow settings, enable the "Allow Multiple" option to ensure the workflow can be triggered separately for the product purchase and the upsell.

  3. Testing the Workflow: Conduct a test purchase, including an upsell, to observe the workflow being triggered twice - once for the product purchase and again for the upsell.

  4. Differentiating the Workflow Paths: Within the workflow, you can differentiate the paths for the product purchase and the upsell using "If-Else" conditions, allowing you to manage leads in various ways based on their purchase behavior.

Configuring Filters in the Workflow Trigger Step

To fine-tune the workflow trigger step, you can set up filters to specify the conditions under which the workflow should be triggered. The available filters include:

  • Product Specification: Define the specific product to look for in triggering the workflow.

  • Upsell Specification: Specify the upsell conditions to look for.

  • Funnel and Website Targeting: Target specific funnels and websites for the workflow.

  • Product or Price Targeting: Set the workflow to trigger based on specific products or price points.

  • Submission Type: Define the submission type (primary product, upsell product) to dictate the workflow trigger conditions.


The Order Submitted Workflow Trigger Step in Gymini is a powerful tool that allows for sophisticated workflow automation based on customer actions in the sales funnel. By understanding and utilizing this feature effectively, you can create dynamic workflows that respond to individual customer behaviors, enhancing your sales processes and customer engagement strategies. Ensure to explore and experiment with different configurations to find the setup that best suits your business needs.

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