Enhanced Email Provider Filtering for Sub-Accounts


We are thrilled to introduce an upgraded feature in Gymini that empowers agency users with advanced filtering capabilities for sub-accounts based on their email provider. This enhancement is designed to streamline the management of sub-accounts' email services, offering a more tailored and efficient approach.


  • Introduction to Enhanced Email Provider Filtering

  • Supported Email Providers

  • Secondary Filtering Capabilities

Enhanced Email Provider Filtering

With the latest update, agency users in Gymini can now effortlessly filter sub-accounts based on their chosen email provider. This refined filtering mechanism ensures a more organized and efficient management of sub-accounts, catering to the diverse email service preferences of different users.

Supported Email Providers

Gymini now supports a range of email providers for this enhanced filtering feature:

  • LeadConnector: Easily identify sub-accounts using LeadConnector as their email service.

  • Mailgun: Filter sub-accounts that have opted for Mailgun as their email provider.

  • Others: Apart from LeadConnector and Mailgun, Gymini supports filtering for other providers like Gmail, SMTP, and more, offering a comprehensive range of options for agency users.

Secondary Filtering Capabilities

To provide an even more granular approach, Gymini has introduced secondary filtering based on the selected email provider. This means, once an email provider is selected, agency users can further refine their search based on:

  • Dedicated Domain: Identify sub-accounts that have a specific domain associated with their chosen email provider.

  • Email Verification Status: Filter sub-accounts based on whether their email has been verified or not, ensuring better email deliverability and reducing bounce rates.

This dual-layered filtering mechanism ensures that agency users have all the tools they need to manage sub-accounts' email services with precision and efficiency.


The enhanced email provider filtering feature in Gymini is a testament to our commitment to providing agency users with the best tools to manage their sub-accounts effectively. By offering advanced filtering options and supporting a wide range of email providers, we aim to make the process of managing sub-accounts' email services seamless and efficient

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