Leveraging the "Update Contact Field" Action


In Gymini workflows, the "Update Contact Field" and "Clear Field Data" actions are pivotal in maintaining an organized and up-to-date contact database. These actions allow you to either update a contact field with a new value or clear the existing data in a field. This guide will delve into the functionalities of these actions and how they can be utilized effectively in various scenarios.

Understanding the "Update Contact Field" Action

The "Update Contact Field" action in workflows is designed to facilitate the modification of contact fields, enhancing the efficiency of your CRM system. Here, we explore the details of this action and its recent feature update that allows field data clearance.

Features and Specifications

  • Update Feature: Enables the updating of a specific contact field with a new value, which can be static or dynamic.

  • Clear Feature: Allows the clearing of the existing data in a contact custom field, resetting it to its default or empty state.

  • Scope: Currently, both actions are applicable to Contact Custom Fields only.

  • Dynamic Update: Fields can be dynamically updated at any point in the workflow where they are utilized.

Practical Applications of the "Update Contact Field" Action

The "Update Contact Field" and "Clear Field Data" actions find utility in a range of scenarios, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of your workflows. Below, we outline some potential use cases:

Lead Management

  • Updating Lead Source: Helps in tracking the referral source of a lead, aiding in the optimization of marketing strategies.

  • Clearing Outdated Information: Ensures the removal of obsolete data from lead records.


  • Enhancing Email Campaigns: Facilitates the personalization of email campaigns through the updating of fields such as first and last names.

  • Removing Incorrect Data: Allows the clearing of incorrect or outdated information from contact fields.

Sales Pipeline Management

  • Updating Sales Stages: Assists in tracking and managing the sales pipeline more effectively by updating the contact's stage based on their progress.

  • Removing Unfit Contacts: Enables the removal of unsuitable contacts from the pipeline.

Custom Integrations

  • Integration with External Tools: Allows the updating of custom contact fields based on data derived from other integrations, such as Zapier.

  • Resetting Fields: Facilitates the resetting of custom fields based on specific triggers or conditions.

How to use this action?

Select Update/Clear Field Data

Update Field Data

Updates the selected field with the provided value.

The "Update Contact Field" action in workflows allows you to update the value of a specific field for a contact. This feature is useful when updating a contact field with a new value, such as a phone number, email address, or custom field.

To use the "Update Contact Field" action, you must add it to your workflow, select the contact field you want to update and specify the new value you want to set for the field. You can update the field with a static value, a fixed value that you specify in the workflow, or a custom value, which is a value dynamically generated based on other data in your workflow.

For example, if you have a custom field called "Lead Source," you can use the "Update Contact Field" action to update the value of this field for a specific contact. You might want to update the field with a static value like "Website," indicating that the lead came from your website. Alternatively, you might want to update the field with a custom value that is dynamically generated based on the referral source of the lead.

Once the "Update Contact Field" action is executed in the workflow, the contact's existing field value will be replaced with the new value specified in the action. It's important to note that you can use this action to update multiple fields with static or custom values anywhere in the workflow.

Clear Field Data

Resets the selected field to the default value (clears the data).

Clearing contact fields is a feature that allows you to remove the existing value of a contact field, effectively resetting it to an empty value. This feature is useful when removing a previously entered value from a contact field.

Please Note:

It's important to note that the clear field data feature currently supports only the Contact Custom FieldsThis means you can use only clear custom fields you've created for your contacts, not standard fields like first name, last name, or email.

When you use the clear field data feature, the contact field value is set to NULL or empty. To clear a contact field in a workflow, add the "Update Contact Field" action, select the contact field you want to clear and add a filter for which field you want to clear. Once the workflow is executed, the contact field will be cleared of its previous value and set to an empty value.

It's important to use this feature with care, as clearing a contact field may result in the loss of valuable data. Therefore, it's recommended to use this feature only when necessary and ensure that you have a data backup before clearing any contact field.

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