Staff Member Config FAQ


Q: What happens if a staff member leaves our organization or is temporarily unavailable? How does this feature handle such scenarios?

A: When a staff member leaves your organization or is temporarily unavailable, you can remove them from the Round Robin calendar. They will no longer appear in the dropdown menu on the booking widget, and clients won't be able to select them for appointments.

Q: Can I limit the number of appointments a staff member can have daily, even if they are selected more frequently?

A: Yes, you can set the maximum number of appointments a staff member can handle daily in their settings. Once this limit is reached, they won't be available for selection, even if a client prefers them.

Q: How does the system handle holidays or off days for individual staff members?

A: Each staff member's availability in the booking widget reflects their schedule. If a staff member is unavailable due to a holiday or off day, they won't be available for selection on the widget for those dates.

Q: Can we enable or disable this feature for specific time slots or services?

A: As of now, this feature applies to all appointments in a Round Robin calendar. We're constantly working to enhance our features, so stay tuned for any updates regarding more granular control.

Q: Can clients see the expertise or skills of each staff member before making their selection?

A: Currently, the booking widget displays the names of the staff members available for selection. If you want to provide more information about each staff member's expertise or skills, we recommend including this information in the service description or on your website. Then Embed the Calendar on your website.

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