Using If-Or-Ask Branches


In Gymini's Workflow Builder, the If-Or-Ask branches allow you to streamline your workflows by condensing multiple branches into a single branch. This guide will demonstrate how to set up and use If-Or-Ask branches in your workflow, using an existing recipe called "The Recipe automation confirmation reminder survey and review request" or "the ultimate automation reminder" as an example.

Setting Up If-Or-Ask Branches


After a customer books an appointment and goes through the confirmation and reminder emails, the business owner is notified an hour after the appointment to inquire about how the appointment went. The owner can indicate whether the customer showed up and made a purchase, showed up but did not purchase, or did not show up at all.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access the Workflow Builder: Open the Workflow Builder in your Gymini account.

  2. Create or Edit a Workflow: Begin creating a new workflow or edit an existing one.

  3. Identify the Branch: Find the branch where you want to implement the If-Or-Ask branches. In this example, it is labeled as "show and purchased."

  4. Add New Branches: Create new branches to represent the different outcomes:

    • No Show: This branch will represent the scenario where the customer did not show up for the appointment.

    • Showed but Did Not Purchase: This branch will represent the scenario where the customer showed up but did not make a purchase.

  5. Configure the Branches:

    • Event Trigger: For each branch, add an event trigger based on a click and label it appropriately to represent the respective outcome.

  6. Custom Automation: After labeling each branch, you can add your custom automation at the end of each branch to dictate the actions that will follow based on the outcome.


  • Labeling: Ensure to label each branch clearly to differentiate the various pathways easily.

  • Customization: Utilize the If-Or-Ask branches to create customized responses or follow-ups based on the different outcomes.

Please Note:

If or else branches support up to 10 different outcomes per event.


Using If-Or-Ask branches in Gymini's Workflow Builder helps in creating more streamlined and organized workflows, enhancing the efficiency of your automation processes. By understanding how to set up these branches, you can build workflows that are both simplified and effective in managing various scenarios.

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