Collective Bookings FAQ


Question: How many team members can I add to a single collective booking calendar

Answer: You can add up to 100 team members in a collective calendar, although please remember the more team members lesser the chances of finding available slots across all of them

Question: Would payments work in Collective booking?

Answer: Yes, payments would work for Collective Booking.

Question: Can I use collective booking for virtual appointments?

Answer: Collective booking can be used for virtual and physical appointments; please add the correct details in the Meeting location field.

Question: Can I remove a team member from an existing collective booking calendar?

Answer: You can remove any team member from the collective booking calendar except for the Primary owner. In case the team member you want to remove is a Primary owner, change the ownership from that user and then you would be able to remove the team member.

Question: I have changed the primary owner of the collective booking calendar, but for the existing appointment, I still see the old primary owner; why?

Answer: The details of the booked appointment would reflect based on the Calendar settings, which were there when the appointment was booked. Any appointment booked after the changes would start reflecting the changes.

Question: Is there a way I can change the Primary owner for an already-created appointment?

Answer: No, there is no way for users to change the details of an already booked collective appointment.

Question: Can I edit/reschedule a booked collective appointment?

Answer: Yes, you would be able to edit the details of the collective booking appointment. However, you could not change the team member details for the booked appointment.

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