Controlling User Permissions


In Gymini, controlling user permissions is essential to manage what different team members can see and do within the platform. This guide will walk you through how to control user permissions effectively in Gymini.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Access Team Management

  • Navigate to Settings: Go to the "Settings" tab and select "Team Management."

  • View Users: Here, you will see a list of all the users added to your Gymini account.

Step 2: Edit User Permissions

  • Select a User: Choose a user whose permissions you want to edit and click "Edit."

  • View Current Permissions: Initially, all permissions will be turned on, allowing the user to see all sections, including opportunities, conversations, and contacts.

Step 3: Adjust Permissions

  • Read-Only Campaigns: Enabling this prevents users from editing campaigns but allows them to view campaign contents. This is useful to prevent clients from accidentally deleting important information.

  • Disable Sections: You can disable access to various sections such as reviews, lead values, AdWords reporting, and marketing tools to restrict what users can see and edit.

  • Save Changes: After making the necessary changes, remember to save them.

Step 4: View Changes

  • Refresh the User Account: Ask the user to refresh their account to view the changes in permissions.

  • Verify the Changes: Ensure that the changes have been implemented correctly, with restricted sections no longer visible to the user.

Step 5: Control Data Visibility with "Only Assigned Data"

  • Enable "Only Assigned Data": Enabling this option allows users to only see data assigned to them, including contacts, appointments, and opportunities.

  • Test the Setting: Test this setting by viewing a pipeline and verifying that the user can only see data assigned to them.

  • Use with Caution: Be cautious when using this setting as it can hide unassigned data from users, potentially causing confusion.


  • Sales Team Management: This feature is beneficial for sales teams to prevent team members from viewing each other's leads and work progress.

  • Understanding the Feature: Ensure you understand the "Only Assigned Data" feature before enabling it to prevent loss of visibility into important data.

  • User permissions are a great way to limit your client's access to certain features/areas within HighLevel.

  • "Only Assigned Data" is a great way to limit salespeople from seeing each other's leads, opportunities, conversations


Controlling user permissions in Gymini allows you to manage what different team members can access, helping to maintain organization and prevent accidental data loss. Remember to use the "Only Assigned Data" feature judiciously to avoid confusion and ensure smooth operations.

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