Building a Workflow for the Web Chat Widget


In Gymini, the web chat widget is a powerful tool that facilitates direct communication with your leads through your website or within the Gymini ecosystem. This guide will walk you through the process of building a workflow for the web chat widget.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Setting Up the Trigger

  • Navigate to Automations: In your Gymini sub-account, go to the "Automations" tab on the left sidebar.

  • Create a Workflow: Click on "Create a Workflow" and start from scratch.

  • Define the Trigger: Set the trigger as "Customer Replied" and filter it down to the "Web Chat Widget" reply channel.

  • Name the Workflow: Label the workflow appropriately, such as "Chat Widget Submission".

Step 2: Internal Notifications

  • Add an Action: Create an action to notify a user in the system when a lead submits a form through the chat widget.

  • Notification Methods: Choose between app notification, email, or SMS to notify the user. The app notification requires the user to have the Gymini app installed and logged in.

  • Include Details: In the notification, include details such as the lead's name and the message they submitted in the chat widget form.

Step 3: Configuring the Chat Widget

  • Access the Widget Settings: Go to "Widget Window" in the chat widget settings to view and configure the fields that the lead needs to fill out.

  • Field Options: You can ask for details such as name, mobile number, and message. Optionally, you can add an email field.

Step 4: Customer Notification

  • Create an SMS Action: Set up an action to send an SMS to the customer thanking them for their message and informing them that someone will reach out shortly.

  • Personalize the Message: Use custom values to personalize the message, including the lead's first name and your business name.

Step 5: Testing the Workflow

  • Test the Chat Widget: Go to your funnel builder and test the chat widget on your booking page to see how it works.

  • View the Submission: After testing, you can view the chat widget submissions in the "Forms" section under "Submissions" in "Sites".

Once you have a chat widget set up, you'll want to configure a Workflow Trigger to notify when a conversation is initiated via the chat widget.

To do this, the trigger event should be "Customer Replied" with a filter for "Reply Channel" set to "Chat Widget" like this:

Please Note:

Every "Reply channel" will require its own respective trigger. For the example above we are only using "Chat Widget", if you wanted to use you would need to setup a NEW trigger and or workflow for that specific event.

Next hit the + > Search for "internal notifications" > You can select from 3 options:

1. Email - Send email to a specific Users or custom email

2. In-app notification - Send a notification via the web app or mobile app to a specific Users or all

3. SMS - Send SMS to a specific Users or custom number

Quick Tip:

Use the "{{Message Body}}" custom value in your notification email/text to display the message that the user entered into the chat widget.


  • Notification Redirect: For app notifications, specify a redirect page in the app where the user will be taken when they click on the notification.

  • Phone Number: Ensure you have a phone number purchased in Gymini to send SMS notifications.

  • Publish the Workflow: Remember to publish the workflow to make it live before testing it.


Building a workflow for the web chat widget in Gymini enhances your ability to communicate efficiently with leads, providing a streamlined process for both internal notifications and customer interactions. Make sure to test your workflow thoroughly to ensure it operates as intended.

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