Bulk Actions

Bulk Actions Overview

In the dynamic environment of contact management, bulk actions stand as a powerful tool to streamline operations and manage contacts more efficiently. This guide walks you through the functionalities and benefits of utilizing bulk actions in your contact management system.

Bulk actions facilitate the efficient management of a group of contacts or a smart list through various actions such as merging, exporting, deleting, and more. Here, we delve into the different actions you can perform:

Merging Contacts

Objective: To eliminate duplicate contacts and consolidate information.


  • Select the contacts to merge.

  • Choose a "master" contact.

  • Decide the information to retain from each contact.

  • Type "consent" and click "resolve" to initiate the merge.

Adding and Removing Tags

Objective: To organize your contacts effectively.


  • Select the contacts.

  • Add or remove tags as necessary.

Communication Through Bulk Actions

Bulk actions offer avenues to communicate with your contacts seamlessly through one-off emails and SMS. Below, we explore these options:

Sending One-off Emails

Objective: To send individual emails to a group of contacts.


  • Set the name, from email, and subject.

  • Draft your email or choose a template.

  • Select a sending option: immediate, scheduled, or drip mode.

Sending One-off SMS

Objective: To send individual SMS messages to a group of contacts.


  • Choose a template or type your message.

  • Select a sending option: immediate, scheduled, or drip mode.

Campaign and Pipeline Management

Managing campaigns and pipelines becomes a breeze with bulk actions. Here, we discuss how to push contacts into a campaign and move them within a pipeline:

Pushing Contacts into a Campaign

Objective: To add contacts to a specific campaign.


  • Select the campaign.

  • Choose the delivery options.

Moving Contacts within a Pipeline

Objective: To move contacts to different stages within a pipeline.


  • Select the pipeline and the stage.

  • Choose the appropriate options.

Monitoring and Editing Bulk Actions

Stay in control of your bulk actions through monitoring and editing features. Here, we guide you on how to keep track of your actions:

Objective: To monitor the progress of bulk actions and make necessary adjustments.


  • Navigate to "contacts" > "bulk action tab".

  • Monitor, edit, or delete actions as required.

Additional Notes

As you venture into using bulk actions, here are some additional tips to keep in mind:

Campaign Windows: Bulk actions respect the campaign windows set in the configurations.

Drip Mode: The process pauses on Saturdays and resumes on Mondays, maintaining the batch size.


Bulk actions in contact management empower you to handle large groups of contacts with ease and efficiency. Leveraging these actions can significantly streamline your contact management processes, saving time and avoiding hassles. Start utilizing bulk actions today for a more organized and efficient contact management system.

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