Gymini introduces a revamped calendar feature, offering a more streamlined and efficient way to manage your appointments and team schedules. This guide will walk you through the various functionalities and settings available in the new high-level calendar feature.

Creating a Group Calendar

Head into the location settings > Calendars > Click on "+ Add Group" and label the group name, description, and slug > Save

Creating a Calendar

  1. Go to the Calendars tab and add a new service to your team.

  2. Set the distribution of team members and define the priority for each member.

  3. Configure the calendar details, including name, slug, appointment title, and color.

  4. Set up availability settings, such as slot duration, interval, buffer time, and office hours.

  5. Configure confirmation settings, including custom forms, payment options, and notifications.x`

Add User(s) to the Group Calendar

Click on "+ New Calendar" > "1. Team & Event Setup" > "+ Add User"

Assigning User(s) within the Group Calendar

Within the calendar setup modal head over to the "3. Confirmation" tab > Select the assigned options by clicking on the checkboxes

Creating a Team

  1. Navigate to Settings and then to Calendars.

  2. Click on the Team tab and create a new team by providing necessary details such as team name and description.

  3. Add users to the team (Note: Users must be part of the subaccount).

  4. Configure the calendar settings, including the path and options for assigning contacts to respective calendar team members.

Google Calendar Integration

  1. Connect your Google account in the Integrations tab.

  2. Go to the Profile tab to configure the primary calendar for syncing new events.

  3. Set up conflict calendars to check for conflicts and prevent double bookings across multiple Google calendars.

Notification and Additional Options

  1. Configure auto-confirmation settings and notification preferences.

  2. Set up Facebook Pixel ID for tracking conversions in Facebook Business Manager.

  3. Define post-submission actions, such as redirecting to a URL or displaying a message.

Booking Widgets and Embed Codes

  1. Customize the start day of the week and language settings in the Calendar Settings tab.

  2. Access calendar codes to get direct links and embed codes for your calendars.

  3. Embed booking widgets on your pages for leads to fill out.

Manual Bookings and Reports

  1. Manually schedule appointments through the Scheduling Appointments tab.

  2. Access reports in the Appointments tab to view booking statistics and outcomes.

Building Appointment Reminder Campaigns

  1. Create appointment reminder campaigns in the Marketing Campaigns section.

  2. Utilize new custom values to personalize your reminder messages with details such as appointment date, time, and user information.


The new high-level calendar feature in Gymini enhances your appointment management experience, offering a range of functionalities to streamline your scheduling processes. Explore the various settings and options to optimize your calendar management and provide a seamless booking experience for your leads and clients.

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