Understanding Contact Vs Location Time Zone


Managing time zones correctly is crucial when you are dealing with clients from different geographical locations. In Gymini, you have the option to manage time zones at both the contact and location levels. This guide will help you understand the importance of contact time zone versus location time zone and how it affects appointment reminders.

Contact Time Zone vs. Location Time Zone

Contact Time Zone

  • Definition: The time zone set for an individual contact in Gymini.

  • Setting: Found in the contact's details page.

  • Usage: Helps in sending appointment reminders at the correct local time for the contact.

  • Adjustment: Can be adjusted manually when the "Contact Time Zone" option is enabled in the settings.

Location Time Zone

  • Definition: The time zone set for a particular calendar in Gymini.

  • Setting: Found in the calendar settings page.

  • Usage: Determines the default time zone for the calendar, affecting how appointment times are displayed.

Configuring Time Zone Settings

  1. Access Settings: Navigate to the "Settings" section in Gymini.

  2. Locate the Option: Find the option to enable or disable "Contact Time Zone."

  3. Enable/Disable:

    • Enable: Allows you to set and modify the time zone for individual contacts, ensuring that appointment reminders are sent according to the contact's local time.

    • Disable: Removes the ability to set individual time zones for contacts, and the location time zone of the calendar will be used for all contacts.

Implications of Disabling Contact Time Zone

  • Contact Details: The option to view and change the time zone in the contact details page will be removed.

  • Calendar Settings: The time zone option in the calendar settings will be fixed, and you won't be able to change it per contact.

  • Appointment Reminders: The reminders will be sent based on the location time zone set in the calendar, which might not correspond to the local time of the contact.

Best Practices for Agencies and Businesses

  • Global Clients: If you are dealing with clients from different parts of the world, it is recommended to keep the "Contact Time Zone" option enabled.

  • Appointment Reminders: Ensure that your appointment reminders are set up correctly to send notifications at the appropriate local time for each contact.

  • Manual Adjustments: With the "Contact Time Zone" enabled, you have the flexibility to manually adjust the time zone for each contact as needed.


Understanding and correctly setting up the contact and location time zones in Gymini is vital in ensuring a smooth appointment scheduling and reminder process, especially when dealing with clients from various geographical locations. Keeping the "Contact Time Zone" option enabled allows for a more personalized and accurate communication strategy, enhancing the client experience.

Remember to review your settings and adjust them according to your business needs to facilitate timely and accurate appointment reminders.

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