Understanding the New Updates in Gymini's Survey Builder


Gymini's new survey builder comes with a range of updates designed to enhance your experience and offer more robust functionality when creating surveys. This guide will walk you through the new features and how to use them effectively.

New Features in the Survey Builder

Slide Names

  • Customization: You can now rename your slides to something more descriptive, changing it from the default "Slide 1" to a name that better represents the content, such as "Services Slide".

  • Position Indicator: The builder now shows the position of each slide, updating automatically as you rearrange them.

Logical Jumps

  • Slide-Level Jumps: You can now create logical jumps at the slide level, a significant improvement that prevents logical dead ends that were possible in the previous version.

  • Example: In a survey where respondents choose a service (like braces, whitening, retainer, etc.), you can set up the survey to skip irrelevant slides based on the service chosen, directing them to a final common slide after gathering service-specific information.

  • Question-Level Jumps: Apart from slide-level jumps, you can still create logical jumps based on answers to specific questions.

  • Priority: If you set logic for both a question and its slide, the question's logic will take precedence.

Single Question per Card for Logical Jumps

  • Requirement: To set up logical jumps based on question answers, you can only have one question per card.

  • Warning Symbol: If you add two questions with logic to a single card, a warning symbol will appear, prompting you to move one of the questions to a different card.


The new updates in Gymini's survey builder introduce more flexibility and robustness in creating logical jumps, allowing for a smoother and more logical flow in your surveys. The ability to rename slides and the introduction of a warning system for question logic further enhance the builder's user-friendliness.

We hope you enjoy using the newly improved survey builder for a more streamlined and efficient survey creation process.

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