Bulk Actions FAQ

How do I view the status of my bulk actions?

To view the status of a Bulk Action, go to Contacts > Bulk Actions > Click on the 3 dots Tab where you can view the status and/or pause the action.

What are the rate limits for?:

Add in drip mode:

  • Frequencies of 30 sec - 1 min: 1,000 messages per minute

  • Frequencies of 5 min: 4,999 messages per minute

  • Frequencies of 6 min - 10min: 5,000 messages per minute

  • Frequencies of Above 10 min: 10,000 messages per minute

Add all at once & Add all at a scheduled time:

  • 0 to 25k contacts -> 15000 contacts processed per hour

  • 25k to 50k contacts -> 7500 contacts processed per hour

  • 50k to 100k contacts -> 6000 contacts processed per hour

  • 100k contacts and above -> 4500 contacts processed per hour

How far in advance can we schedule bulk actions?

Bulk Actions cannot be scheduled to run more than 720 hours in the future (approximately 30 days)

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