Filling Form Fields Using URL Parameters


In Gymini, you have the flexibility to pre-fill form fields using URL parameters. This feature can be a great time-saver and enhance the user experience by pre-populating fields with known information. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up and using URL parameters to fill form fields.


Before you begin, ensure that you have identified the query keys associated with each field you intend to pre-fill. Note that not all fields, such as dropdowns and date fields, can be pre-filled using URL parameters.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Identify the Query Keys

  • Locate Query Keys: In your form builder, identify the query keys associated with each field you wish to pre-fill.

  • Note Down the Keys: Note down these keys as you will be using them to construct the URL parameters.

Step 2: Construct the URL with Parameters

  • Base URL: Start with the base URL of your form.

  • Add Parameters: Append the URL with parameters using the following structure: ?queryKey1=value1&queryKey2=value2&...

    • For example, to fill the first name, last name, and state fields, your URL might look like this:

      perlCopy code?firstName=Fred&lastName=Arm&state=NY
  • Test the URL: After constructing the URL, test it by pasting it into a browser to ensure the fields are being pre-filled correctly.

Step 3: Test the Form Submission

  • Submit the Form: After verifying that the fields are pre-filled correctly, submit the form with some test entries.

  • Verify the Submission: Check the contact details in Gymini to ensure the information has been transmitted correctly.


Filling form fields using URL parameters in Gymini is a straightforward process that involves identifying the query keys for the fields and constructing a URL with the appropriate parameters. This feature enhances the user experience by pre-populating fields with known information, saving time for your leads and increasing the likelihood of form submissions.

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