Setting Up Mailgun

Introduction: Mailgun is a powerful email service provider that can be integrated with Gymini for efficient email sending. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up Mailgun with your domain, ensuring seamless email operations for your gym business.

Step-by-Step Guide to Setting Up Mailgun:

1. Sign Up for Mailgun:

2. Email Verification:

  • After signing up, check your email inbox for a verification email from Mailgun.

  • Click on the verification link to confirm your email address.

3. Add a New Domain:

  • Once logged in to Mailgun, click on "Sending" followed by "Add New Domain".

4. Choose Domain Type:

  • For the domain, decide if you want to use the main domain or a subdomain.

    • Main Domain: Should not be used with other email providers like Gsuite.

    • Subdomain: Enter a prefix followed by your main domain. Examples include:




  • Ensure you set up the domain or subdomain under the US region, not EU.

  • Click "Add domain".

5. Configure DNS Records:

  • After adding the domain, you'll be provided with 5 DNS records to add to your domain's DNS settings.

  • If unsure about where to add these records:

    1. Use mxtoolbox to look up your domain (exclude http://).

    2. The results will indicate your DNS hosting provider.

    3. Check the reported domain provider (e.g.,

6. Add DNS Records to Domain Provider:

Conclusion: Setting up Mailgun with Gymini ensures that your gym business can send emails efficiently and reliably. By following this guide, you'll have Mailgun integrated and ready to handle your email operations. Remember to always monitor your email sending practices to maintain a good domain reputation.

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