Gymini CRM has introduced a new feature that allows users to add multiple opportunities for the same contact to the same pipeline. This update is designed to enhance the CRM’s functionality, especially for businesses that have repeat interactions with the same clients. This guide will walk you through how to enable and use this new feature.

Enabling the Duplicate Opportunity Feature

  1. Navigate to settings: Start by going to the settings section in your Gymini CRM account.

  2. Find the new setting: Scroll down to find the new setting labeled “Allow Duplicate Opportunity”.

  3. Enable the setting: Turn on the “Allow Duplicate Opportunity” setting to activate the feature.

Adding Multiple Opportunities to the Same Pipeline

  1. Go to the opportunity screen: Navigate to the opportunity screen where you can view your existing pipelines.

  2. Select a pipeline: Choose a pipeline to add the new opportunity to.

  3. Add a new opportunity: Click on “New” to add a new opportunity. You can add a contact even if they are already present in the pipeline by entering their details and clicking “Add”.

Note: You will need to give the opportunity a unique name to differentiate it from the existing opportunities for the same contact.

Utilizing the Feature in Triggers

  1. Navigate to the trigger section: Go to the trigger section where you can set up triggers for different actions.

  2. Setting up a trigger: When setting up a trigger, you will find an option labeled “Add/Update Opportunity”. This option allows you to add a contact to the pipeline if they respond to a particular campaign, for instance.

  3. Force create opportunity: Enable the “Force Create Opportunity” switch to allow the system to add the contact to the pipeline a second time, even if they are already present in the pipeline.


The ability to add multiple opportunities for the same contact to the same pipeline is a significant update that will benefit power users and businesses with repeat clients. Make sure to explore this feature to enhance your CRM experience.

Remember to stay tuned for more updates from Gymini CRM to further streamline your CRM processes and enhance functionality.

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