Troubleshooting Login Issues


Encountering login issues while trying to access Gymini can be frustrating. This guide outlines the steps to troubleshoot various login errors and issues that you might encounter.

Error Messages and Troubleshooting Steps

Error: Unable to log you in at this time

  1. Identify the ISP: Ask the user to confirm their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

    • Verizon Fios: If they are using Verizon Fios, instruct them to disable protection using this guide.

    • CenturyLink: For CenturyLink users, direct them to disable secure wifi through this link.

    • Survey Junkie: If they had Survey Junkie installed before, ask them to uninstall it to update all SSL certificates on their website.

    • McAfee: If McAfee is installed, guide them to turn off web protection using this tutorial.

  2. For Other ISPs: If the user is not using the ISPs mentioned above, ask them to:

    • Inspect the Page: While trying to log in, inspect the page and open the network tab.

    • Create a Loom: Record a loom showing the request being sent and displaying the API response.

Error: Not able to send the security code at this time

  • Contact Agency Admin: Ask the user to reach out to the agency admin to add a phone number for 2FA code reception. If the user is the only agency admin, they should contact support at (888) 732-4197 for assistance.

Error: User does not exist in this Agency

  • Whitelabel Domain Issue: This error occurs when the user is not associated with the agency linked to their whitelabel domain.

No Error but the page just doesn't redirect and got stuck

  1. Allow Cookies: Ensure cookies are allowed for

  2. Check Software Interference:

    • VPN and Web Protection Software: Ask the user to turn off or uninstall software like NordVPN that might control browsing activity or web protection.

    • SSL Certificates: Instruct the user to update all SSL certificates on their website.

    • Connection Security: Ask the user to click on the lock icon at the top left of their browser, then click on "Connection is secure" to view more information.


By following these troubleshooting steps, users can resolve common login issues encountered in Gymini. Encourage users to reach out with specific error messages to facilitate quicker resolution.

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