Filter Contacts by Email Stats and Enhanced Filtering Options


With the integration of email stat filtering, users can now delve deeper into their contact engagement, ensuring more tailored and effective email strategies.


  • Introduction to Email Stat Filtering

  • Benefits of Date Level Filtering

  • Understanding Email Sending Type Filter

Email Stat Filtering

Gymini now offers the capability to filter contacts based on specific email statistics. This includes:

  • Sent: Identify contacts to whom emails have been dispatched.

  • Delivered: Determine which emails have successfully reached the recipients.

  • Opened: Gauge the number of contacts who have viewed the emails.

  • Clicked: Understand which contacts have engaged with the email content.

  • Complained: Track contacts who might have reported issues or flagged emails.

  • Bounced: Monitor emails that couldn't be delivered due to various reasons.

This advanced filtering allows users to segment contacts based on their engagement, ensuring that email campaigns are optimized for the target audience.

Date Level Filtering

To provide a more in-depth analysis, Gymini has incorporated date level filtering. This feature empowers users to:

  • Segment contacts within a specific date range.

  • Measure the effectiveness of email campaigns over time.

  • Make informed decisions based on historical data.

By narrowing down the contact list to a particular time frame, users can better evaluate the impact of their email strategies and adjust accordingly.

Email Sending Type Filter

Gymini's new update also introduces the ability to filter contacts based on the type of email sent. This includes:

  • Bulk Email: Identify contacts who have been part of mass email campaigns.

  • Campaign: Segment contacts who were targeted in specific email campaigns.

  • Workflow: Determine contacts who were engaged through automated workflows.

Furthermore, users can select multiple campaigns or workflows, offering a detailed and segmented approach to analyzing contact engagement. This granularity ensures that messages are tailored to resonate with different target groups, enhancing the overall effectiveness of email campaigns.


The introduction of these robust filtering options in Gymini equips users with a comprehensive toolkit to refine and enhance their email marketing strategies. By leveraging these features, users can expect to see improved engagement rates, ensuring that their email campaigns are both impactful and data-driven.

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