Utilizing the If-Else Step in Gymini's Workflow Builder


The If-Else step in Gymini's Workflow Builder is a dynamic tool that allows you to create divergent paths in your workflow based on various conditions. This guide will explore how to effectively use the If-Else step to build sophisticated workflows that can cater to different scenarios.

Please Note When using Includes/ Does Not Include as a condition:

There are several conditional parameters in Workflow Builder where you'll have the option to specify "Includes" or "Does not include" such as Tags and other multiple-option custom fields (checkbox fields, dropdown pickers, etc.)

Understanding the If-Else Step

The If-Else step facilitates the creation of conditional paths in your workflow, where different actions are executed based on whether certain conditions are met. Here are some conditions you can base your If-Else steps on:

  • Checking if a contact has a specific tag

  • The current month

  • Whether a contact replied to a message from the workflow

  • The specific workflow trigger that initiated the workflow

Practical Applications of the If-Else Step

Example 1: Redeeming an Offer

In a workflow initiated when a contact clicks a "Redeem Offer" trigger link:

  • Yes Path: If the contact has an "Offer Pending" tag, this path removes the tag, replaces it with an "Offer Redeemed" tag, and sends an email confirming the successful redemption.

  • No Path: If the contact lacks the "Offer Pending" tag, this path sends an email informing them that the offer has already been redeemed.

Example 2: Post-Appointment Feedback

In a workflow that sends an email to a dentist asking for feedback on an appointment:

  • Trigger Links: The email contains trigger links representing different outcomes: "Showed and Bought," "No Show," and "Showed but Didn't Buy."

  • Identifying the Clicked Link: Utilize a series of If-Else steps to identify which link was clicked and direct the workflow accordingly. For instance:

    • No Show: Leads to a workflow encouraging the contact to reschedule.

    • Showed but Didn't Buy: Leads to a different set of actions.

Advanced Utilization of the If-Else Step

  • Time-Based Elements: Create branches based on time elements such as the current day of the week, specific dates, the current month, year, or even time of day.

  • Ongoing Enhancements: The Gymini team continually adds more conditional options to the If-Else step, enhancing its versatility and power.


The If-Else step in Gymini's Workflow Builder is a potent tool that enables you to build a single workflow capable of executing numerous objectives based on varying conditions. By understanding and utilizing this feature, you can create more responsive and adaptive workflows to meet your marketing objectives.

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