Viewing and Adding Notes to Opportunities


Keeping track of essential details is crucial when managing opportunities in Gymini. The notes feature allows you to add and view notes directly from the opportunity board, helping you maintain a detailed record of each opportunity. This guide will show you how to use this feature effectively.

Accessing the Notes Section

  1. Navigate to the opportunity board: Start by going to your opportunity board where all your opportunities are listed.

  2. Select an opportunity: Find the opportunity card you want to add notes to or view notes for.

  3. Open the notes section: Click on the "+" icon located at the top of the opportunity card to access the notes section.

Viewing and Adding Notes

  1. View existing notes: In the notes section, you can see all the notes that have been previously added to the opportunity.

  2. Add new notes: To add new notes, simply type your notes in the provided space.

  3. Save your notes: After entering your notes, click "Update" to save them to the opportunity.


Adding notes to your opportunities in Gymini is a straightforward process that helps in keeping all necessary information in one place, facilitating better management and tracking of opportunities. Make it a habit to update notes regularly to ensure that all relevant details are captured accurately.

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