Creating an 'And' Condition


In Gymini's Workflow Builder, you can create conditions that require multiple criteria to be met using the 'And' condition. This guide will walk you through an example of setting up an 'And' condition to filter contacts based on the absence of specific tags.

Setting Up an 'And' Condition


You want to create a workflow where a contact is directed down a specific path only if they do not have both the 'consultation_booked' and 'consultation_confirmed' tags.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access the Workflow Builder: Navigate to the Workflow Builder in your Gymini account.

  2. Create or Edit a Workflow: Start creating a new workflow or edit an existing one.

  3. Add an If-Else Step: Incorporate an If-Else step into your workflow where you want to apply the 'And' condition.

  4. Configure the Condition:

    • Condition 1: Set the first condition to check if the contact's tags do not include 'consultation_booked'.

    • Condition 2: Set the second condition to check if the contact's tags do not include 'consultation_confirmed'.

    • Apply 'And' Logic: Use the 'And' logic to require both conditions to be met.

  5. Define the Paths:

    • Yes Path: If both conditions are met (the contact does not have either of the tags), the contact will be directed down the "Yes" path.

    • No Path: If at least one of the tags is present, the condition will fail, and the contact will go down the "No" path.

Understanding the Outcome

  • Yes Path: For a contact to be directed down this path, they must not have both the 'consultation_booked' and 'consultation_confirmed' tags in their profile/record.

  • No Path: If a contact has even one of the specified tags, they will be directed down this path.


Creating an 'And' condition in Gymini's Workflow Builder allows you to build workflows that respond to multiple criteria, enhancing the precision and adaptability of your marketing strategies. By understanding how to set up and utilize 'And' conditions, you can create more nuanced workflows to better meet your objectives.

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