Integrating Stripe Payment with Calendar


Gymini now supports Stripe payment integration with the calendar booking widget, allowing you to collect payments from clients during the booking process. This guide will walk you through the steps to set up and utilize this feature.

Setting Up Stripe Integration

Step 1: Obtain Stripe API Keys

  1. Create/Log in to Your Stripe Account: Ensure you have a Stripe account set up.

  2. Navigate to Developers and API Keys: In your Stripe account, go to the "Developers" section and then to "API Keys."

  3. Retrieve API Keys: Switch to "View Live Data" and note down your "Publishable Key" and "Secret Key."

Step 2: Integrate Stripe with Gymini

  1. Go to Gymini Settings: In Gymini, navigate to "Settings."

  2. Access Integrations: Find and click on the "Integrations" section.

  3. Enter Stripe Details: Locate the Stripe entry and input your "Publishable Key" and "Secret Key." Save the details.

Configuring Stripe Payment in the Calendar Booking Widget

Step 1: Enable Stripe Payment

  1. Navigate to Calendars: In the "Settings" section, go to "Calendars."

  2. Access Calendar Settings: Find the "Settings" link under your calendar and click on it.

  3. Toggle on Stripe Payment: Enable the "Use Stripe Payment" option.

Step 2: Set Up Payment Details

  1. Enter Amount: Specify a flat amount to be charged for the booking.

  2. Choose Currency: Select the currency for the payment.

  3. Provide Charge Description: Detail why the charge is being made, which will be displayed to clients during the booking process.

Booking Process with Stripe Integration

  1. Access the Booking Widget: Clients will access the booking widget as usual.

  2. Select a Time Slot: Clients choose a suitable time slot for the appointment.

  3. View Payment Details: On the next page, clients will see the appointment details along with a "Secure Payment" section, displaying the charge amount and description.

  4. Enter Card Details: Clients input their credit card details to proceed.

  5. Complete the Booking: The booking is confirmed only after successful payment, and clients are then taken to the confirmation screen.


You have successfully integrated Stripe payment with the calendar booking widget in Gymini, enabling a secure and straightforward way to collect payments during the booking process. This feature ensures that clients are aware of the charges and the reason behind them, offering a transparent booking experience.

Remember to clearly articulate the charge description to avoid any confusion and to test the setup to ensure it works seamlessly.

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