Automatically Extracting Email Addresses from Facebook Chats


Gymini facilitates the automatic extraction of email addresses from Facebook chats, directly integrating them into the contact record. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up this feature, enhancing your ability to gather valuable contact information seamlessly.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Understanding the End Result

  • Preview: Initially, get a glimpse of how the system works. When a Facebook message is received, a campaign triggers automatically, encouraging the user to share their email address.

  • Email Integration: Once the user shares their email, it automatically integrates into the Gymini contact record.

Step 2: Setting Up the Campaign

  • Campaign Creation: Create a campaign named "Facebook Auto Reply" with messages designed to encourage users to share their email.

  • Configuration:

    • Allow Multiple: Turn off the "Allow Multiple" option to prevent users from receiving multiple messages from the automation.

    • Stop on Response: Disable the "Stop on Response" option to ensure the user receives all the messages in the campaign.

  • Message Content:

    • Initial Message: Craft an initial message offering an incentive for sharing the email, such as exclusive promotions through a newsletter.

    • Follow-Up Message: Create a follow-up message asking the user to share their email to avail the offer.

Step 3: Creating the Trigger

  • Trigger Condition: Set up a trigger with the condition "Customer Replied" and the channel set to "Messenger".

  • Campaign Link: Link the trigger to the campaign created in step 2, ensuring users receive the campaign messages upon meeting the trigger condition.

Step 4: Automatic Email Integration

  • Email Recognition: Gymini automatically recognizes the email shared by the user in the Facebook chat.

  • Integration: The recognized email is automatically integrated into the Gymini contact record, without requiring any manual intervention.

Tips for Effective Setup

  • Delay in Messages: To make the interaction feel more human, introduce a slight delay between the messages in the campaign.

  • Creative Incentive: Craft a creative and enticing message to encourage users to share their email willingly.


Setting up automatic email extraction from Facebook chats in Gymini not only streamlines the process of gathering email addresses but also enhances user engagement by offering them value in exchange for their contact information. Utilize this feature to build a richer contact database and foster better relationships with your audience.

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