Setting Up Surveys with Conditional Logic


Gymini's survey builder offers a powerful feature: conditional logic. This functionality allows you to create dynamic surveys that adapt based on the responses given by the leads. This guide will focus exclusively on setting up surveys with conditional logic in Gymini.


  • Access to Gymini account

  • Basic understanding of Gymini's survey builder

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Preparing the Survey Builder

  • Navigate to "Marketing" on the left sidebar and select "Survey Builder".

  • Click "Create New Survey".

  • In the "Options" section, ensure the "One Question at a Time" option is turned off to enable conditional logic.

Step 2: Creating the Basic Layout

  • Slide 1: Create a slide with basic questions such as name, email, and phone number.

  • Slide 2: This slide will contain the conditional logic question, e.g., "What service are you looking for?"

  • Slides 3-5: These slides will be the redirect slides based on the answer chosen in slide 2.

Step 3: Setting Up the Conditional Logic

  • Custom Fields: Create a custom field with options representing the different services (e.g., braces, whitening, retainer).

  • Note: Only three types of custom fields work with conditional logic: checkbox, single options, and radio.

  • Conditional Logic Setup: Click on the field to set up the logic. Define where the respondent should be redirected based on their answer.

Step 4: Building the Redirect Slides

  • Create slides for each service option and name them appropriately (e.g., "Braces Slide").

  • Populate these slides with relevant questions pertaining to the chosen service.

Step 5: Testing the Survey

  • Click "Integrate Survey" at the bottom right and select "Link" to get the survey link.

  • Test the survey by filling it out and ensuring that the conditional logic works correctly.

Important Tips

  • The conditional logic question must be the only field on its slide.

  • You can set up a disqualification message for certain responses, redirecting respondents to a specified URL or showing a message.

  • It's possible to nest conditional logic, creating a tree of branching paths based on responses to multiple questions with conditional logic.


Setting up surveys with conditional logic in Gymini allows for a dynamic and responsive survey experience, guiding respondents down different paths based on their answers. Remember to test your survey thoroughly to ensure the conditional logic is functioning as intended.

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