Utilizing Contact Tag Workflow Triggers


In Gymini, tags serve as a versatile tool to categorize and manage your contacts efficiently. They not only facilitate easy retrieval and organization of contacts but also play a pivotal role in automating various actions such as initiating workflows, and sending bulk emails and SMS. This guide elucidates how a tag can trigger a workflow and the different avenues through which a tag can be added or removed.

Understanding the Contact Tag Workflow Trigger

The Contact Tag Workflow trigger is a feature in Gymini that monitors the addition or removal of tags associated with a contact, thereby initiating specified workflows based on these changes. This section breaks down the functionalities and settings of this trigger.

What does it do?

The trigger activates when a tag is added or removed from a contact. You can specify the conditions — addition or removal of a tag — under which the trigger should activate using filters. If no specific condition is set, the trigger will respond to both the addition and removal of tags.

Scenarios Leading to Tag Addition or Removal

Tags can be manipulated through various methods, each capable of initiating a workflow with the appropriate trigger settings. Here, we outline the different scenarios where tags can be added or removed:

Manual Addition/Removal via the Contacts List:

  • Single or Bulk Action: Tags can be added or removed manually to a single contact or in bulk through the Contacts List. This involves selecting the desired contact(s) and using the "Add tag" or "Remove Tag" options.

Through a Workflow:

  • Workflow Actions: Within a workflow, specific actions can be set to add or remove tags. When leads enter a published workflow and reach the respective action step, the specified tag is added or removed accordingly.

Integration with Third-Party Tools (e.g., Zapier):

  • Adding Tags: Third-party integration tools like Zapier can be utilized to add tags to your contacts in the CRM, responding to changes in external apps integrated with your Gymini account. Note that removal of tags is not supported through this method.

During a CSV Import:

  • Adding Tags through CSV: While importing contacts through a CSV file, tags can be added by including a column dedicated to tags, with the respective tags listed for each contact.

  • Advanced Options: The advanced options in the CSV import process also allow for the addition of tags.

Important Note:

  • Updating Tags through CSV Imports: Existing contacts can have their tags updated through CSV imports, provided the "Allow Duplicate contacts" option is turned off and the contacts being imported match the email and phone details of existing contacts.


Understanding and leveraging the Contact Tag Workflow trigger in Gymini can significantly enhance your workflow automation, allowing for a more dynamic and responsive system. By setting up triggers based on tag changes, you can automate a series of actions, helping you streamline your processes and engage with your contacts more effectively.

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