Creating Task Assignments and Utilizing New Components


Gymini has functionalities that enhance the user experience in campaign management and funnel building. This guide will walk you through adding task assignment feature in campaigns and the integration of native components for surveys and calendars in the funnel builder.

New Features Overview

Gymini has two features to facilitate task management in campaigns and to streamline the process of setting up surveys and calendars in the funnel builder. Here is a brief overview of the features:

  1. Task Assignments in Campaigns: Users can add tasks directly in the campaigns section, with the option to assign tasks to specific users based on the campaign configuration.

  2. Native Components in Funnel Builder: The funnel builder includes native components for surveys and calendars, along with integrated button actions, eliminating the need to exit the funnel builder to configure these elements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Utilizing the Features

Adding and Assigning Tasks in Campaigns

  1. Navigate to the Campaigns Section: Access the campaigns section in your Gymini account.

  2. Add Event Option: Click on the "Add Event" option where you will find the newly added "Add Task" feature.

  3. Task Assignment:

    • No Specific User: If you do not assign a user, the task will not be assigned to anyone automatically.

    • Specific User: Assign the task to a specific user based on the user configuration in the campaign settings.

Integrating Surveys and Calendars in the Funnel Builder

  1. Access the Funnel Builder: Open the funnel builder in your Gymini account.

  2. Adding Surveys:

    • Navigate to the Native Components: Find the native components section in the funnel builder.

    • Add Surveys: You can now add surveys directly from the native components section.

  3. Adding Calendars:

    • Find the Calendar Option: In the native components section, you will find the option to add calendars.

    • Integrate Calendars: Seamlessly integrate calendars into your funnel through this option.

  4. Button Actions:

    • View Button Actions: The button actions are now visible on the left-hand side of the funnel builder interface.

    • Configure Button Actions: You can configure button actions directly within the funnel builder, without having to exit the builder.

Understanding the Benefits

Task Assignments in Campaigns

  • Streamlined Task Management: Easily manage and assign tasks within campaigns, enhancing efficiency in campaign management.

  • User-Specific Assignments: Tailor task assignments to specific users based on the campaign configuration, facilitating targeted task allocation.

Native Components in Funnel Builder

  • Integrated Survey and Calendar Setup: The integration of native components for surveys and calendars simplifies the setup process, saving time and effort.

  • In-Built Button Actions: The in-built button actions feature allows for a smoother workflow, avoiding the hassle of exiting the funnel builder to configure button actions.


Gymini's campaign and funnel builder functionalities are designed to enhance user experience through streamlined task assignments and the integration of native components for surveys and calendars. By leveraging these features, you can create more efficient campaigns and funnels, optimizing your marketing strategies.

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