Testing the Facebook Conversion API


When testing the Facebook Conversion API in Gymini's Workflow Builder, it is essential to follow the correct procedures to ensure accurate results. This guide will walk you through the necessary steps and precautions to take while testing the Facebook Conversion API in your workflows.

Important Note on Testing

While testing the Facebook Conversion API, avoid using the "Test Workflow" button. Instead, always save and publish your workflow and use one of the appropriate triggers to initiate the test for your conversion.

Appropriate Triggers for Testing

To test your conversion accurately, use an input trigger such as:

  • Form Submission

  • Survey Submission

  • Appointment Submission (from the booking widget)

  • 2-Step Order Form

Special Note on Appointment Submission

For appointment submissions, ensure to use the "Customer Booked Appointment" trigger, not the general "Appointment" trigger. The "Customer Booked Appointment" trigger is specifically designed for the widget, making it the appropriate choice for this scenario.

Lead Value Requirement

When utilizing the "Purchase Event," it is mandatory to specify a "Lead Value." In cases where the "Purchase Event" is not in use, leaving the "Lead Value" field blank is acceptable.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access the Workflow Builder: Navigate to the Workflow Builder in your Gymini account.

  2. Create or Edit a Workflow: Begin creating a new workflow or edit an existing one where you intend to integrate the Facebook Conversion API.

  3. Save and Publish: After setting up the workflow, save and publish it to make it live.

  4. Initiate a Test: Use one of the specified input triggers to initiate a test for your conversion.

  5. Review the Results: After initiating the test, review the results to ensure the Facebook Conversion API is functioning correctly in your workflow.


Testing the Facebook Conversion API in Gymini's Workflow Builder requires adherence to specific guidelines to ensure accurate results. By following the steps and precautions outlined in this guide, you can effectively test the Facebook Conversion API in your workflows.

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