Comparing Date Type Fields


In Gymini, comparing date type fields is a crucial aspect of setting up precise and effective workflows. By utilizing different conditions, you can create workflows that respond dynamically to various scenarios based on the date information in your contact database. This guide will delve into the various conditions you can use to compare date type fields and how to implement them in your workflows.

Conditions for Comparing Date Type Fields

Understanding the different conditions available for comparing date type fields can help you create more nuanced and responsive workflows. Let's explore each category of conditions in detail:

Condition Based on Recent Days

  • Today: This condition triggers actions based on the activities or data corresponding to the current day.

  • Tomorrow: Utilize this condition to set up workflows that respond to events scheduled for the next day.

  • Yesterday: Set up workflows to react to data or events that took place on the day before the current date.

Condition Based on a Specific Duration

  • After: This condition allows you to trigger workflows for events occurring after a specified number of days, weeks, months, or years.

  • Before: Utilize this condition to initiate workflows for events happening before a defined period.

  • In the Next: Set workflows to trigger within an upcoming specified timeframe, such as in the next few days or months.

  • In the Last: Create workflows that respond to events that occurred in the last few days, weeks, or months.

Condition Based on a Particular Date

  • On: This condition triggers workflows based on actions or events happening on a specific date.

  • After Date: Set up workflows to respond to events occurring after a particular date.

  • Before Date: Utilize this condition to initiate workflows for events taking place before a specified date.

Implementing Date Type Field Conditions in Your Workflows

To effectively use date type field conditions in your workflows, follow these general steps:

  1. Access the Workflow Builder: Navigate to the Workflow Builder in your Gymini account.

  2. Create or Edit a Workflow: Start creating a new workflow or edit an existing one.

  3. Add a Condition Step: Incorporate a condition step into your workflow where you want to apply the date type field comparison.

  4. Select the Date Type Field: Choose the date type field you want to compare from your contact database.

  5. Specify the Condition: Define the condition you want to apply (e.g., "Today," "In the Next," "On," etc.) and set the necessary parameters (e.g., the number of days or the specific date).

  6. Define the Paths: Set up different paths (Yes/No) based on whether the condition is met or not, and define the actions to be taken for each path.


Comparing date type fields using various conditions in Gymini enables you to create dynamic and responsive workflows that cater to a wide range of scenarios. By understanding and effectively implementing these conditions, you can optimize your marketing strategies and enhance engagement with your contacts.

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