How-to Attach Custom Values (MMS) to SMS Messages


Custom values offer a dynamic way to enhance your workflows in Gymini. This guide will walk you through the process of using custom values to send MMS messages within your workflows.


Custom values are versatile tools that can be used to integrate snapshots and preferred workflows. They provide a straightforward setup, making your automation processes more scalable and engaging.

Topics Covered:

  • Attaching Custom Values URLs to SMS messages

  • Troubleshooting common issues

  • Understanding MMS size limits for different carriers

  • Supported file types for MMS via SMS

  • Solutions when custom values don't work as expected

Attaching Custom Values URLs to SMS Messages:

Step 1: Setting Up Your Custom Value URL

  1. Navigate to Location Settings.

  2. Click on Custom Values.

  3. Select + Add Custom Value.

  4. Enter the desired MMS URL.

Step 2: Integrating the Custom Value in Your Workflow

  1. Open the workflow where you wish to send the MMS.

  2. Ensure you attach the custom value as an attachment.

  3. Copy and paste the value into the appropriate field.

Note: Different carriers have specific requirements for MMS sizes. For detailed size requirements by carrier, refer to the section below titled "What is the maximum MMS size when sending SMS?"


1. What is the maximum MMS size when sending SMS?


Long code MMS attachment size

Toll-Free MMS attachment size

Shortcode MMS attachment size


0.6 MB

0.6 MB

0.6 MB


1.4 MB

0.6 MB

1.4 MB


1.5 MB

0.6 MB

1.0 MB


0.675 MB

0.6 MB

1.2 MB

2. What are the supported file types for MMS when sending via SMS?

  • jpeg

  • png

  • gif

3. My custom value does not work when the message is sent. What should I do?

  • Ensure there are no spaces in your custom value URL. You can test this by adding it to a dummy funnel and previewing the page. If the MMS appears, the custom value is functional.

  • Verify that the MMS URL meets the size requirement for the specified carrier (refer to the table above for size requirements).


Custom values in Gymini workflows provide a powerful way to enhance your SMS messaging capabilities with MMS. By understanding the steps and troubleshooting common issues, you can effectively leverage this feature to improve your communication strategies.

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