Create a New Opportunity

In Gymini, you have the flexibility to manage opportunities efficiently using various features. One such feature is the 'Create a New Opportunity' toggle available in the trigger settings. This guide will explain how to use this toggle to create new opportunities without overwriting existing ones.

Understanding the 'Create a New Opportunity' Toggle

When setting up triggers involving the addition or updating of opportunities, you will find a toggle labeled 'Create a New Opportunity.' This toggle allows you to create a new opportunity for the same contact without overwriting the existing opportunity.

How to Use the Toggle

  1. Access Trigger Settings: Navigate to the settings of the trigger where you are setting up an action to add or update an opportunity.

  2. Find the Toggle: In the trigger settings, find the 'Create a New Opportunity' toggle.

  3. Activate the Toggle: Turn on the toggle to enable the creation of new opportunities without affecting the existing ones.

Use Case

This feature is particularly beneficial for users who wish to create multiple opportunities for a single lead in a given pipeline. By activating this toggle, you ensure that every new opportunity created remains distinct, allowing for more nuanced tracking and management of leads through different stages or scenarios.


The 'Create a New Opportunity' toggle in Gymini is a simple yet powerful tool that enhances your control over opportunity management. By understanding and utilizing this feature, you can maintain a rich and detailed history of each contact's journey through your sales pipeline, fostering more informed decision-making and strategy development.

Remember to explore this feature to optimize your CRM experience, especially when you aim to track multiple opportunities for a single contact in a detailed manner.

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