How to Set Up Recurring Appointments


Recurring appointments are appointments or meetings that occur at regular intervals, such as every day, every week, or every month. Recurring appointments can be used in calendars to help save time and effort when scheduling regular meetings or appointments. Instead of creating a new appointment for each occurrence, a single recurring appointment can be set up to cover multiple occurrences. This can be especially useful for appointments that happen on a regular schedule, such as weekly meetings or monthly check-ins.

How can we set up a Recurring Appointments Calendar?

Click on Settings

Click on Calendars

Click on Create Calendar

Click on Select Under Round Robin Booking

Please Note

All calendar types support recurring appointments. The only difference is that if you picked Round-robin, there must be a maximum of 1 user or team member on the calendar.

In the Availability Tab, Toggle on Recurring Appointments:

Once you toggle on the Recurring Appointments, you can see the recurring appointments settings, and you can select the settings based on your use case.

Please note:

We have a limitation on the "times to repeat" field. An event can be repeat for a maximum of 24 times.

You have three options in the If slots are not available dropdown:

This basically means that if there is another appointment or event already booked for the intended slot, then the user has the following options:

Continue Booking

In the dropdown for "If slots are not available," if you choose Continue Booking, you will get an additional dropdown asking you what to do in cases where double bookings happen for that case:

Choosing Continue Booking means you are allowing the calendar to double-book the slot.

Skip booking Unavailable slot.

That simply means book ONLY the available slots and ignore the rest.

Book Next Available Slot

That simply means to book the reoccurrences irrespective of how far out in the future the calendar needs to scout for the available slots.

Please Note

We check only until the next 3 slots for availability, if unavailable we drop the booking.If available we continue and complete all reoccurrences. User should be careful when selecting the recurring booking option (book next vs skip booking vs continue booking).

Recurring appointments can only be booked for standard slots (for custom slots, we do not display a recurring booking option). Users will not be able to book recurring appointments from the opportunities page. The recurring calendars will be available in the drop-down to book but only for a single time slot.

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