Email deliverability is a pivotal feature in Gymini, designed to ensure that your gym's marketing emails reach your subscribers' inboxes and not their spam folders. With the immense effort invested in crafting your email campaigns, it's paramount that your messages are effectively delivered and seen by your subscribers.


Deliverability is the metric that quantifies the success rate of your emails landing in the inboxes versus being flagged as spam. Gymini's deliverability feature provides tools and insights to optimize this rate, ensuring that your gym's marketing efforts yield the best results.

How is Deliverability Determined?

Mailbox providers, such as Gmail, Microsoft, and Yahoo, evaluate emails based on several criteria to determine their placement:

  1. Is the message safe?

  2. Is the message wanted by most Subscribers?

  3. Is the message wanted by this particular Subscriber?

If all answers are affirmative, the email is placed in the inbox. Otherwise, it might end up in the spam folder. The decision largely hinges on the sender reputation.

Sender Reputation

Think of sender reputation as a credit score for your sending domain. Mailbox providers assign a score based on various factors, with subscriber engagement being a primary determinant. However, the exact score and the algorithms behind it are proprietary to each mailbox provider.

Subscriber Engagement

Subscriber engagement is pivotal. Positive interactions, such as opening emails or clicking on links, can enhance your sender reputation. Conversely, negative actions, like marking an email as spam, can detriment it.

Recommendations for Positive Engagement:

  • List Health:

    • Ensure subscribers have explicitly given permission.

    • Secure your forms with double opt-in and/or ReCaptcha to prevent bot abuse.

    • Regularly prune your list to remove unengaged subscribers.

  • Consistency:

    • Maintain a consistent sending domain.

    • Ensure a consistent volume of emails.

    • Send at least once per month to maintain your sender reputation.

  • Content:

    • Avoid link shorteners as they can be flagged by spam filters.

    • Use conversational language and avoid overly promotional or urgent phrases.

    • Maintain a balanced image-to-text ratio.

    • Avoid gimmicks that might erode trust.

    • Encourage genuine engagement, such as asking subscribers for feedback or their preferences.


The email deliverability feature in Gymini is designed to optimize the reach of your gym's email marketing campaigns. By focusing on subscriber engagement, maintaining list health, ensuring consistency, and crafting quality content, you can significantly enhance your sender reputation and ensure your emails land in the inboxes of your subscribers. This focus on deliverability not only nurtures the relationship with subscribers but also drives better engagement, trust, and growth for your gym.

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