User Consolidation FAQ


Would the Calendar widget option be exclusive to the Unassigned Booking Calendar Type?

Answer: No, the option would be available in all the calendar types.

How do I enable the Widget Type feature?

Answer: All customers have access to the feature. Please contact your administrator or customer support if you don't see the option. Do try to clear the browser cache as well.

Would it break my existing calendars if I decide to change the widget type?

Answer: No, it should not break any calendar setup, if you choose to change the widget type in an existing calendar. However, please ensure you do a quick test for Calendars that are embedded in funnels.

What changes do I need to do at my end -after this release?

Answer: No changes are needed. The user has the option to configure either in the edit mode of the calendar configuration screen. But the important thing to note here is that all calendar types will switch over to Neo if they are put into Groups.

Can I add customize the calendar URL for the Unassigned calendar type?

Answer: Yes, you can add a custom calendar URL to all calendar types now

I am unable to see the custom calendar URL in the calendar URL.

Please ensure that the custom calendar URL you have entered is available. That would be shown by a Green Check on the right side of the free text box.

What happens when I update the custom calendar URL on an existing unassigned calendar?

Answer: The calendar link gets updated automatically with the new custom calendar URL (which can be accessed under Calendars > Copy Scheduling Link). However, the previous links will continue to function and can be accessed under Calendars > Copy Permanent Link.

Please Note:

If you are looking to embed the calendar in the funnels, we'd recommend the Permanent Link, so any changes made to the calendar URL in the calendar settings don't affect the funnel pages

Can I use special characters in the custom calendar URL?

Answer: Yes, you can use a ‘/’ ‘-’ in the custom calendar URL


Group Permanent link


Group Custom link


Calendar Permanent link


Calendar Custom link


Can I assign any existing group to a calendar?

Answer: Yes

Would there be a change in the custom calendar URL if I change the group of a calendar?

Answer: The calendar would not change, however, the legacy calendar URL would be updated with the new group’s calendar URL

Answer: A permanent link is something that would not change even when the calendar link is

changed. A permanent link would be ideal for embedding purposes, without having to worry about the

embeds not working when the calendar link is changed.

Can I still assign a group to Round-Robin scheduling?

Answer: Yes, you can still do that by visiting Calendar Settings > Calendars > Move to Group

Can I remove a group from an existing Round Robin calendar?

Answer: Yes, you can still do that by visiting Calendar Settings > Calendars > Move to Group >

Select Unassigned/ungrouped

What happens once I deactivate a group?

Answer: Once you have deactivated a group, the calendar links will no longer be active, and you will not be able

to book appointments from within the app for calendars that are a part of that group.

Can I assign a group back to a calendar if I have deactivated that group?

Answer: Yes, you can by selecting the calendar options and choosing the option “move to group”

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