Masking Sender Emails - From Name & Address


In Gymini, understanding and configuring the sender email is crucial for effective communication with your gym members. This documentation provides a comprehensive guide on how to set up and manage sender emails for both manual and automated communications.


  • Determining the sender email for leads.

  • Checking if contacts are assigned or unassigned.

  • Configuring sender email for manual and automated communications.

  • FAQs related to sender email configurations.


Unassigned Contact

Assigned Contact

Manual Emails

Logged in user email

1st priority

1st priority

Location Email



Assigned User Email



Agency Email



Automated Emails

Campaign/workflow settings

1st priority

1st priority

Assigned User Email


2nd priority

Location Email

2nd priority

3rd priority

Agency Email

3rd priority

4th priority

Review Request Emails

We will always use the Logged in user email as the sender email

Appointment request emails (calendar settings->3. Confirmation)

We will use depending on the Mailgun subdomain you set up for the location, or the SMTP integrated email

Depending on whether a contact is assigned or unassigned, the sender email varies:

For Manual Emails:

  • Unassigned Contact & Assigned Contact: Logged in user email is the 1st priority.

For Automated Emails:

  • Unassigned Contact: Campaign/workflow settings are the 1st priority, followed by Location Email (2nd priority) and Agency Email (3rd priority).

  • Assigned Contact: Campaign/workflow settings are the 1st priority, followed by Assigned User Email (2nd priority), Location Email (3rd priority), and Agency Email (4th priority).

Review Request Emails: Always use the Logged in user email as the sender email.

Appointment Request Emails: Use based on the Mailgun subdomain set up for the location or the integrated SMTP email.

Checking if Contacts are Assigned or Unassigned

  1. Navigate to the Smart Lists tab and search for the contact.

  2. Click on the icon on the right in Search Conversations to view Contact Details.

  3. Check the assignment status of the contact.

Configuring Sender Email for Manual Communications

Conversation Tab:

  • By default, the "From" email will be the email of the logged-in user.

  • If you have 2-way email sync set up, the email will display the integrated email. Learn how to set up two-way email sync for Gmail and Outlook.

Configuring Sender Email for Automated Communications

Email Template:

  1. Navigate to Marketing > Emails > Templates and click +New.

Bulk Action - Send Email:

  1. Go to Contacts -> Smart Lists.

  2. Select desired contacts and click Send Email.

  3. Input the "From Name" and "From Email".

Workflow Settings:

  1. Navigate to Automation -> Workflows and create a new workflow.

  2. Select Start from scratch and create a new workflow.

  3. Click Settings and configure the sender address.

Workflow Send Email Action:

  1. Click the + button and select the "Send Email" option.

  2. Input the "From Name" and "From Email".

If you are using Mailgun/LC Email, we will use the Business email here if the lead is not assigned:

How to check if the contacts are assigned or unassigned

Search for the contact in the Smart Lists tab

Search Conversations -> Click on the icon on the right to view the Contact Details

Check who is assigned to the contact here:

Places you can configure the sender's email - Manual email

Conversation tab

The From email will be the user logged in email by default:

Places you can configure the sender's email - Automated email

Bulk action - Send Email

Click Contacts ->Smart Lists -> Select Contacts -> Click Send Email

Email template

Click on Marketing > Emails > Templates > +New

Add the From Name and From Email

Determining the Sender Email for Leads

Workflow settings

Click Automation -> Workflows -> Create Workflow

Select Start from scratch and click Create new workflow:

Click Settings -> Configure Sender Address

Workflow Send Email Action

Click on the + button > Select the "Send Email" option

Enter the From Name and From Email


Configuring the sender email in Gymini is essential for ensuring that your gym members receive communications from a recognizable and trusted source. By following the steps outlined in this documentation, you can effectively manage and optimize your email communications for better engagement and deliverability.

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