Setting Up Contact Reply


In Gymini's Workflow Builder, setting up a contact reply is a simple yet crucial step in automating your workflow processes. This guide will walk you through the process of setting up a contact reply, which allows you to automate actions based on the replies you receive from contacts.

Setting Up a Contact Reply


You have an email being sent out and you want to automate a specific action if a contact replies to that email.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Access the Workflow Builder: Navigate to the Workflow Builder in your Gymini account.

  2. Create or Edit a Workflow: Start creating a new workflow or edit an existing one where you want to set up a contact reply.

  3. Add a Wait Step: Incorporate a wait step into your workflow where you want to set up the contact reply.

  4. Configure the Wait Step:

    • Select the Wait Step: Choose the wait step in your workflow.

    • Select Contact Reply: Opt for the contact reply option.

    • Specify the Method: Define the method through which the contact will reply.

  5. Save the Configuration: After setting up the contact reply in the wait step, save the configuration to apply it to your workflow.

Understanding the Outcome

  • Successful Setup: If set up correctly, the workflow will wait for a contact reply at the specified step. If a reply is received, it will trigger the subsequent actions defined in the workflow.

  • No Reply: If no reply is received, the workflow will remain in the wait state until a reply is received or other conditions in the workflow are met.


Setting up a contact reply in Gymini's Workflow Builder is a straightforward process that enhances the automation of your workflows. It allows you to define actions based on the responses you receive from contacts, adding a dynamic and responsive element to your workflows.

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