Managing Calendar Views and Booking Appointments


In Gymini, the calendar functionality offers different views and features to facilitate appointment scheduling and time slot blocking. This guide will help you understand how to navigate various calendar views and efficiently manage appointments in Gymini.

Understanding Different Calendar Views

Team Calendar View

  • Identification: Recognizable by a bracket next to the calendar name.

  • Limitation: Does not support the click-and-drag feature to create appointments or block time slots for the entire team.

  • Usage: Primarily for viewing team appointments.

My Calendar View

  • Access: Available only to users added to the team calendar.

  • Features: Allows you to create appointments and view all the team calendars you are part of.

  • Appointment Creation: Enables booking appointments based on the team calendars associated with your user account.

Unassigned Calendar View

  • Definition: Represents accounts created under the unassigned section with no user assigned.

  • Features: Freely create appointments and block time slots.

  • Usage: Ideal for general appointment scheduling without specifying a user.

Booking Appointments

Through the Appointments Page

  1. Navigate to the Appointments Page: Go to the appointments page to schedule new appointments.

  2. Select Calendar and Team Member: Choose the relevant calendar and team member for whom you are scheduling the appointment.

Through the Lead Details Page

  1. Access Lead Details: Click on a specific lead to access their details.

  2. Add Appointment: Use the option to add appointments, selecting the appropriate user from the available list.

Blocking Time Slots

In My Calendar View

  • User-Specific Blocking: Allows users to block time slots in their individual calendars.

  • Team Calendar: Does not support blocking time slots for the entire team.

Using Google Calendar

  • Sharing Settings: Users can share their Google Calendar with others, granting them permissions to make changes and manage time slots.

  • Blocking Slots: After sharing, time slots can be blocked in Google Calendar, marking them as unavailable in Gymini.


Understanding the nuances of different calendar views in Gymini is essential in efficiently managing appointments and blocking time slots. While the team calendar view offers a comprehensive look at team schedules, the "My Calendar" and "Unassigned Calendar" views provide functionalities for individualized appointment management.

Remember to leverage the Google Calendar integration for enhanced time slot management, ensuring a smooth and organized scheduling process in Gymini.

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