Email Configuration and Reply Tracking


In Gymini, ensuring that you receive and manage email communications effectively is crucial. This documentation provides a detailed guide on how to set up email configurations, including forwarding addresses, reply addresses, BCC, and reply tracking.


  • Configuring Email Services in Gymini.

  • Setting up Forwarding and Reply Addresses.

  • Understanding BCC Emails and Forwarding to Assigned Users.

  • Enabling Reply Tracking for various SMTP Providers.

Configuring Email Services in Gymini

To set up your email services:

  1. Navigate to the desired location.

  2. Click on Settings -> Email Services.

Forwarding Address

When a lead responds to an email, the response will always appear in the Conversations tab. If you wish to receive a copy of the lead’s email response to a specific email address:

  1. Enter the desired email address in the Forwarding Address section.


  • Multiple forwarding email addresses can be entered, separated by commas (e.g.,,

  • Forwarding and BCC functionalities are supported only on Mailgun and LC email. Other SMTP providers are not supported.

Reply Address

Gymini offers the option to add a Reply-to address. With this configuration:

  1. All incoming emails will be directed to the specified email address instead of the Conversations tab.

  2. If you reply to the lead's email outside of Gymini, the reply won't sync back to the CRM.

To set this up:

  1. Go to Settings > Email Services > Reply & Forward Settings > Reply Address.

  2. Enter the desired reply address and click Save.

BCC Emails

To receive a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) of every email sent from a specific location:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Email Services > Reply & Forward Settings > BCC Emails.

Forward to Assigned User

With this feature:

  1. The assigned user of a lead will receive email replies in their inbox.

  2. The email will be sent to the address specified for that user under Settings > My Staff > Edit User > User Info.

Enabling Reply Tracking for Other SMTP Providers

For Mailgun, there's no need to enable reply tracking since it's directly integrated with the receiving route set up in Mailgun. If you mask the sender email (e.g.,, the reply-to address will appear as, which corresponds to the Mailgun subdomain set up for the location in Agency Settings > Mailgun. Replies will still be correctly displayed in the sub-account's Conversation tab.

When Reply Tracking is Enabled:

  • The reply-to email address will be the one highlighted in the provided screenshot. This allows Gymini to capture email replies back into the Conversation tab. This is a limitation when using SMTP integration.

Note: Direct emails or new email threads initiated with the highlighted email won't be captured in the Conversation tab. Replies should be made to emails sent from the system.

When Reply Tracking is Disabled:

  • The reply-to email address will be the one highlighted in the provided screenshot. Email replies won't be captured in the Conversation tab but will go to the configured sender email inbox.


Configuring email settings in Gymini ensures that gym owners and staff can effectively manage and respond to communications from members. By following this guide, users can optimize their email configurations for better engagement and tracking.

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